Financial analysis in commercial banks

Aitymbctova A.N. Financial analysis in commercial banks: Teaching aid / A.N. Aitymbctova- Almaty: CyberSmith, 2019.- 140 p.

Brief annotation. “Financial analysis in commercial banks” teaching aid includes main directions of analysis of day-to-day activity of commercial banks. The teaching aid presents questions, tests and practical situations for more profound m astering of each theme. Special attention is given students’ to understanding of financial reporting, as ability to read and analyze financial statements of a bank is paramount objective for a specialist of this sphere. The teaching aid can be useful for students of specialty 5B050900 – «Finance», and for students of economic specialties in general, candidates for a master’s degree, young teachers, teachers, as well as practical employees of the banking sphere.

The teaching aid is designed for students of specialty 5B050900 – «Fmance».