Instructions for use library

Instructions for use library

  1. Instructions for use library

1.1 These rules are made on the basis of “The provision on ARGU library of K. Zhubanov” and govern the relations between library and users of library.
1.2 The library is the leading structural division of the university providing with literature and information educational and scientific process.
1.3 The library in the activity is guided by the Constitution of RK, the Law of RK “About Education”, the Charter of the university, documents on library science.
1.4 The right of use of library is granted professorial to teachers, undergraduates, students and staff of higher education institution.
1.5 To the reader there is a full assistance in selection of literature.
1.6 The library carries annually out a re-registration of readers. At registration the reader at the end of the academic year has to hand over all literature which is registered for him. The readers who haven’t prolonged library cards aren’t served

  1. Instructions for use subscription and reading room

2.1 On the subscription literature is given for the house. The last or single copy isn’t subject to delivery on the house. The literature used on group occupations is given on the subscription and is made out by the signature of the teacher in the book form of each edition. Responsibility for this literature is born by the teacher.
2.2 Issue of books to students of resident instruction is carried out under library cards.
2.3 Issue of books to students of a correspondence course is carried out according to record books.
2.4 Issue of books is made out by the signature of the reader in the book form of each edition.
2.5 It is forbidden to take out literature from the reading room. In case of violation of this rule, the reader loses the right of use of library for the term determined by the management of library depending on extent of violation.
2.6 To use electronic textbooks in the center of electronic resources and services the Internet in accordance with the established procedure.

  1. Rights and duties of reader

3.1 Readers have the right:
3.1.1 free of charge to use main types of the library and information services provided by library;
3.1.2 to receive the advisory help in search and the choice of sources of information.

3.2 Readers are obliged:
3.2.1 for receiving literature to show the library card and to undersign for each edition for the book form;
3.2.2 to make thrifty use of books, other works of the press and library property;
3.2.3 to return the editions received in library at the scheduled time.

3.3 It isn’t allowed to the reader:
3.3.1 to visit library in outerwear;
3.3.2 to break silence and an order in premises of library;
3.3.3 to take out from library of the book, without having undersigned for them for book forms;to spoil library editions (to do in them marks, to emphasize, pull out sheets, to bend backs, etc.);
3.3.4 to take out cards from catalogs and card files;
3.3.5 to come without the permission into service premises and book-depositories;
3.3.6 readers have no right to transfer the library card to other person and also to use someone else’s library card. In case of violation of this rule both readers lose the right of use of library;
3.3.7 when leaving from higher education institution readers are obliged to return the editions which are registered for them to library, to return library cards and to receive the corresponding marks in a roundabout leaf;
3.3.8 the readers responsible for loss or unintentional damage of editions are obliged to replace them with the same editions, either their copies, or the books recognized by library equivalent.

  1. At violation “Instructions for use library” readers lose the right of use of library:
  • for violation of term of return or untimely extension of the editions taken on the house — for 3 months;
  • for carrying out of books from the reading room without the permission of the duty librarian — for 6 months;
  • for numerous violation “Instructions for use library” — for 1 year;
  • for deliberate damage of editions the reader loses the right of use of library.

4.1 Materials about gross violations by readers “Instructions for use” are transferred by library for consideration to dean’s offices or administration.