Biobibliographic indexes

Bibliographic indicators

  1. BI of teachers’ work in 2018
  2. 125th anniversary of Asylbek Zhumanuly Seitov
  3. Bulletin of the new edition
  4. Scientific works of teachers
  5. Pangereev Abat Shamuly
  6. The first scholar-professor
  7. 70th anniversary of A.M.Musaev
  8. Electronic resources
  9. Significant and memorable days of 2019 years in Aktobe, Republic of Kazakhstan
  10. 80th anniversary of poetry Otezhan Nurgaliev
  11. Kusainov Khalel Khaimollauly
  12. Zhunisov Bauyrzhan Arystanuly
  13. “Azattyk ansagan Alash”
  14. Baiyan Talipuly Borash
  15. The BI for scientific works of  teachers of 2017 y.
  16. Academician Aitaly Amangeldi Abdrahmanuly
  17. Epigraph 
  18. Electronic resources
  19. Scientist, d.p.s. professor Erdembekov B.A. 
  20. Gabit Musirepov
  21. 550th anniversary of Kazakh kingdom
  22. Writer who the most popular in the world
  23. Classic of the linguistics