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  1. 85 books for the 85th anniversary of our university 
  2. Patron A.S. Utenov
  3. Book club “Intelligence”
  4. The rector of ARGU of K. Zhubanov B.A. Erdembekov
  5. B. Isbekuly
  6. E.Ergozhin
  7. “An-Arys” publishing house
  8. “Center of development of languages”
  9. “Museum Zhanova” of ARSU of Zhubanova
  10. N.Zhanturina
  11. R.Baltymova
  12. A.Tasymova
  13. E.Eleusinova
  14. K.Zhazykova
  15. K.Sagadiev
  16. А.К. Aizharikova
  17. K.N. Nurmagambetov
  18. N. Izimbergenov
  19. B.Sch. Baimuhanov

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