Department of Completing and Processing of Literature

Department of Completing and Processing of Literature

The Department of Completing of Literature provides scientifically substantiated, complete and prompt manning of the library fund with documents. The collection of the library fund is carried out in accordance with the University profile, curricula and information needs of scientific research institutes, faculties and departments of the university.
The main tasks of the Department are:

  • Manning of the library fund with literature providing educational and upbringing process and the scientific-research activities of the university;
  • Accounting of received and drop out literature to the library fund;
  • Coordination of the department activities with Institutes, Departments, Structural divisions of the University;
  • Cooperation with Publishing Houses and bookselling organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Subscription to Periodicals.

The cataloging department ensures the operational reflection of the library fund in the catalog system. The catalog system is the main reference and search tool of the University library:

  • Traditional: alphabetic, systematic
  • Electronic catalog

The main tasks of the department are:

  • Ensuring the full disclosure of the library fund through catalogs;
  • Systematization and cataloging of literature for library catalogs;
  • Creation of electronic catalog;
  • Advisory assistance to library readers when working with catalogs, online computer search for literature on the IRBIS program.

Head of the Completing Department:
Tazhigalieva Saulet Elubaevna

Head of the Department Processing of Literature:
Kerei Sharbanu Gafarovna